learning to make a website in quarantine

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Learning to make a website in lockdown

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Very Fun sock task

Recently I reposted a picture of a wicked pair of socks from the 4th/5th century on my instagram story because they were so sick. A few hours later I had received a message from my friend Harry asking me to knit him some, which was probably one of the most exciting instagram messages I've recieved in AGES. Being well bored and stressed in lockdown and fretting over an essay that I was meant to be doing, the idea of distracting myself by knitting some really fun socks was soooooo good and enticing. I obviously said I would make them. The socks in the image were some egyptian socks from the V&A collection, which are in astonishingly good condition being made somewhere between 250-420 AD. I can't be bothered to figure out how long ago that was, but I own and wear socks that are in much worse condition than that and they’re not thousands(?) of years old. Turns out that they aren't actually knitted socks at all, they’re made using a technique called nålbindning which is apparently more similar to sewing than knitting. The socks also have a seam at the start of the foot, which i've never seen before but I think it looks really cool. Here is more info on the socks on the V&A website orange egyptian socks I chatted with Harry about how he wanted the socks to look and we said we were going to ignore the split at the top and have a ribbed cuff instead, to stop the sock from curling at the top and sliding down the ankle. We were going to have the toe gap of the sock between the big toe and the rest of the toes. A tabi sock. This can be inferred from the image but because the toes are so long, and also look to be similar size to each other, it kind of looks like you could probably fit multiple toes in each part (if you have really long thin toes maybe). Perhaps it's just the questionable way that the museum have stuffed the socks that make it look like this? He did however want to keep the weird seam which I was really glad about because that's what was so exciting to me about these socks. The only problem I was having was figuring out how to construct the socks with this seam. I’ve only ever hand knitted socks with turned heels so I was really baffled about how I was going to achieve the heel of these socks and I also had no clue about how I was going to make the seam stretchy enough. The inclusion of a seam mid-foot would also really weaken the structure of the sock. How horrid would it be if the socks were being pulled up and they just split in half. Initially I planned to knit the socks in two parts, toe/s-up and do a loose cast off there the seam was, then ankle-down, somehow shaping the sock appropriately and then sewing the two parts together. I then looked at the following image which made me realise that the seam only goes across the top of the foot and the sole of the foot is continuous. This was a really great find because that info fixes all of the problems I was thinking that I would have with the socks. The continuity of the sock somewhat reassures me that they won't split into two, it will give stretch to the seam and it gave me the info I needed for the heel structure. orange socks Harry didn’t want the socks to be knitted with pure lambswool or anything scratchy and wanted quite a thick dense knit. I really wanted to make sure that the socks were machine washable and also felt kind of luxurious (which rules out acrylic as a yarn choice, haha). I decided to order 200g Schachenmayr Merino Extrafine (DK) in a really strong orange and some 3mm double ended needles. I got Harry to trace around his feet and scan the drawings to me so I could see how long and wide his feet are and also how long his big toe is. Usually I wouldn’t bother with this but because I’m aiming for a tight knit I don't know how stretchy the socks will be. I started knitting the second that the wool arrived and I’m super excited to get these socks finished. Will add a picture below of the finished product.